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Born in 11.07.1956, Arad, Romania

Graduated, with Certificate of Honor, from the Institute of Arts 'N. Grigorescu', Painting Department, Bucharest, Romania, 1982

Ph.D. in Visual Arts, 2006

Conf. univ. dr. in the Painting Department, at the University of Arts in Bucharest, Romania

Director of «Arta» Magazine, Romania

Director of Victoria Art Center for Contemporary Cultural Production Bucharest

President of «The Artists Union» in Romania, 2010/present

President of «The National Alliance of Creators Unions», 2011/2012

Vicepresident of «The Artists Union», 2007/2009

President of «The Painting Affiliation», 2004/2007


Clarobscur II, Paul Amarica Gallery, Paris, France, 2008

Et nous seron collage, Nicaise Gallery, Paris, France, 2008

Clarobscur I, The Romanian Cultural Institute, Paris, France, 2007

Noctumbres II, Phalsbourg Art Gallery, France, 2006

Noctumbres I, Present Art Gallery, Paris, France, 2000

Noctumbres, The Romanian Cultural Center, Paris, France,1997

Dialogues, Centre Culturel Jacques Brel, Thionville, France,1997

Sortie de la surface II, Espace Suisse- Strasbourg Gallery, France,1994

Out of surface II, Brotdorf- Merzig Gallery, Germany, 1994

Sortie de la surface I, The Romanian Cultural Center, Paris, France, 1994

Sortie de la surface, La primavera Gallery, Auxerre, France, 1994

Underground, Ettiene de Causans Gallery, Paris, France, 1993

Confluance II, Sarrbourg Museum, Sarrbourg, France, 1993

Confluance I, Jean- Yves Chevilly Gallery, Avallon, France, 1993

Cinetique art, Cine-Video- Psy, Lorquin, France, 1993

Out of surface I, Cultural Center Stockholm, Sweden, 1992

Out of surface, Itakeskus Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, 1992

Out of surface, Cultural Center Malmo, Sweden, 1991

The cross, Gijzenrooi Gallery, Geldrop, Holland, 1991

Genesis, Municipal Center, Corintos, Greece, 1990


The International Painting Biennial, The Exhibition center C.Brancuși, Chișinau, R. Moldova, 2013

Trans-realities, Oudin Espace Contemporaine Gallery, Paris, France, 2011

Art Embodied, The Romanian Cultural Institute, London, England, 2011

Beijing International Art Biennial 4, Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2010

Ecrits/Est cris, Paul Amarica Gallery, Paris, France, 2010

Reflexions, Bispergaarden Gallery, Karlundborg, Denmark, 2010

Meeting point, Oskar Kokoshka Museum, Pochlarn, Austria, 2010

Meeting point, Slavonia Museum, Osijec, Croatia, 2010

Meeting point, Galeria municipale Pecsi, Hungary, 2010

Reflexions, Gammelgaard Gallery, Herlev, Copenhaga, Denmark, 2010

Transparent corps, E.A. Gallery, Bethonvilliers, France, 2009

Bibliophilie, Mediatheque, Auxerre, France, 2009

Livre en mai, Lycee Henri IV, Paris, France, 2009

Lautre et le meme/ The other and the same, The Romanian Cultural Institute, Paris, France, 2009

Sculpture sur prose 2, The Romanian Cultural Institute, Paris, France, 2008

From the calligraphic to the spiritual touch line / Romanian Art, Romanian Embassy in Beijing, China, 2008

Sculpture sur prose 2, The Contemporary Art Center, Verriere le Buisson, France, 2008

Et nous serons collage, The Frauenfeld Book Salon, Switzerland, 2008

Et nous serons collage, Page Salon, France, 2008

Sculpture sur prose 2, Maison de la poesie, Saint - Quentin en Yvelines, France, 2008

Prose sculpture 2, Alice&Co Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2008

Meeting point, BIA , The Municipal Gallery, Pecs, Hungary, 2008

Meeting point, BIA, Muzeul Slavonia, Osieck, Croatia, 2008

Meeting point, BIA, The Municipal Gallery, Pilsen, Czech Republic, 2008

Meeting point, BIA, Oscar Kocoscha Museum, Pochlarn, Austria, 2008

Salon de livre, Bibliotheques de la ville de Paris, France, 2008

8art+, Galeria Arttis, The Belgian - Romanian Cultural Center, Bruxelles, Belgium, 2007

8art+, Cite International des Arts, Paris, France, 2007

8art+, The Romanian Cultural Institute, Lisbon, Portugal, 2007

8art+, The Romanian Cultural Institute, Madrid, Spain, 2007

8art+, Zervas Gallery, Patras, Greece, 2007

Romanian Artist in Mastricht, JCI, European Conference Mastricht, Holland, 2007

Noctumbres, Galeria TEM, Goviller, France, 2006

Place-Remplace, L'Universite de Toulouse Le Mirail, France, 2006

Romanian contemporary art, National Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2005

Romanians and hungarian in Hunya Gabor collection, The Romanian Cultural Center, Viena, Austria, 2005

Romanian painting, C.Brâncusi Gallery, Chisinau, R.Moldova, 2005

Aichi Expo 2005, Metropolitan Art Space Exhibition Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2005

The Internațional Art Biennial, Beijing, China, 2005

Romanian Art Exhibition, Warsaw, Poland, 1999

The 28th Painting Festival, Cagnes sur Mer, France, 1996

The Art Fair, Nice, France, 1996

Romanian Artists, Solyanska Gallery, Moscow, Russia, 1995

Signes, Lacan Gallery, Strasbourg, France, 1993

The International Miniature Exhibition, Glas 1 Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 1993

The International Miniature Exhibition, Glas 1 Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland, 1993

Contemporary Romanian Art, Drout Richelieu, Paris, France, 1993

Young Artists in Eastern Europe, Rotterdam, Holland, 1991

Romanian Art Exhibition, Szombathely Gallery, Hungary, 1991

Romanian Art, Het Klopjeshuis Gallery, Borne, Blockhuis, Enschede, Holland, 1991

Romanian Artists, Anne Bremen Gallery, Germany, 1991

Romanian Artists, Taufkirschen Gallery, Munchen, Germany, 1990

Miniature Art, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 1989

Romanian Artists, Toulouse, France, 1989

MiniPrint International, Exposicions 9, Taller Galeria Fort, Barcelona, Spain, 1989

MiniPrint International, Exposicions 9, Galerie 'Edition Universelles', Toulouse, France, 1989

MiniPrint International, Exposicions 9, Trade Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, 1989

Contemporary Romanian Art, Editions Universelles Gallery, Toulouse, France, 1989

The 15th International Exhibition, Kanagava, Japan, 1989

Romanian Art Exhibition, Belgrad, Yugoslavia, 1988,

Visual/Experimental Poetry, Cultura Campinas Gallery, Brazil, 1988

Visual/Experimental Poetry, Art Gallery San Diego, San Diego State University, Calexico, CA, SUA, 1988

Mail Art Manifest, Trodjems Kunstforening, Bergen, Norway, 1987

Mail Art Manifest, Kunstforening Heine- Ostand Kunstcenter, Norway, 1987

Today`s Art, Budapest, Hungary, 1987

International Art, Jan Palfinhuis Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium, 1987

Amikor Kassak Valaki Mas, Kassak-Scwiters, Nove Zamky, Czech Republic, 1987

International Art, Onder de Toren Gallery, Holland, 1987

Poesia Visual, Casa Antonio Duarte, Santa Barbara d'Oreste, Brazil, 1987

The International Biennial visual poetry, Sao Jose Dos Campos, Mexico, 1987

Poesia Visual, Puebla, Xapala City, Mexicali, Ensenada, Tijuana, Mexico, 1987

Internationat Competition of watercolour, Sinaide Ghi, Rome, Italy, 1986

Le Cocotier, Museum of Art Noumea, New Caledonia, 1986

The International Triennial of Drawing, Kalisch, Poland, 1986

The 12 th International Triennial, Kanagava, Yokohama, Japan, 1986

The 7th International Art Biennial, Mouscron, Belgium, 1986

The 7th International Graphics Triennial, Frechen, Germany 1986


Black-based cocktail, The National Museum of Cluj Napoca, 2013

Noctumbre II, Occident Gallery, Bucharest, 2003

Night shadows, Assamblage Gallery, Bucharest, 2003

White/Black, ArTei Gallery - Hanul cu Tei Club, Bucharest, 2002

Noctumbre, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, 2001

The Body as a Cultural Project, The Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, 2001

Syncronicity, Selari Gallery, Bucharest, 2001

Signs, Pontica Gallery, Bucharest, 1999

Confluences, ArTei Gallery, Bucharest, 1996

Out of surface, The National Museum of Art, Bucharest, 1995

Dialogue, The Hungarian Cultural Center, Bucharest, 1994

Bandages on wounds , Dalles Gallery, Bucharest, 1993

Counterpoint, SOROS Center for Contemporary Art, Bucharest, 1994

Genesis 3, Hellios Gallery, Timisoara, 1989

Genesis 2, Pro Arte Gallery, Lugoj, 1989

Genesis 1, Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest, 1988

Vatra, Alfa Gallery, Arad, 1984

Vatra, The Municipal Gallery, Bucharest, 1984

Sequences, Alfa Gallery, Arad, 1980


10+, The Center for Visual Art, Bucharest, 2013

Grounds , C. Brancuși Gallery, The Parliament Palace, Bucharest, 2013

Venature XXV, The Center for Visual Art, Bucharest, 2013

The Water Colour Exhibition, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, 2013

The City, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, 2013

The Spring Exhibition, The Peasant Museum, The Foyer Room, Bucharest, 2013

The Astra Salon, Casa Artelor, Sibiu, 2013

The Winter Salon, The Municipal Museum of Bucharest, 2013

Silence, UNA Gallery, Bucharest, 2013

Șelari 2013, Yesterday and Today, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, 2013

The Small Salon , The Center for Visual Art, Bucharest, 2012

Silence, Triade Gallery Timișoara, 2012

Art'ober, The Center for Visual Art, Bucharest, 2012

Drawing, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, 2012

2012 Korean and Romanian Arts, The Center for visual Art, Bucharest, 2012

Visual Details, The Saint Pantelimon Center, Bucharest, 2012

The Human Body in Contemporary Art, The Art Gallery, Focșani,2012

Stylistic Conjuctions, UNA Gallery, Bucharest, 2012

Body World II, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest , 2012

Unarte'012, The Art Museum, Cluj Napoca, 2012

Stylistic Conjuctions, Mansarda Gallery, Timișoara, 2012

Body 2012, The Center for Visual Art, Bucharest, 2012

Șelari 13, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, 2012

Cultures of Cosmos, The Parliament Palace, C. Brancuși Gallery, Bucharest, 2012

10+1, Simeza Gallery , Bucharest, 2012

11+, The Center for Visual Art, Bucharest, 2012

Body under surveillence, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, 2011

Thirteen, The Center for Visual Art, Bucharest, 2011

Abstactionism, Mogoșoaia Palace, 2011

Nude, The Art Gallery, Focșani, 2011

Plecarea/Departure, Mogoșoaia Palace, 2011

Body World, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, 2011

Nude, The International Center for Culture and Art 'George Apostu' - Bacau, 2011

Contemporary Syntesis, Constantin Brancuși Gallery, The Parliament Palace, Bucharest, 2011

Meeting point, Arad Interational Biennial, Delta Gallery, Arad, 2011

The Winter Salon, The Șuțu Palace , Bucharest, 2011

Body, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, 2011

Do Not Kill, Timco Gallery, Timișoara, 2010

The Body in Contemporary Art, CAV, Bucharest 2010

The Artist at work in Romania, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, 2010

Arts in Bucharest, The Center for Visual Art, Bucharest, 2010

The Body in Contemporary Arts, The Art Gallery, Focșani, 2010

Style, symbol, techniques, ICI, 'Vito Grasso', Bucharest, 2010

The International Biennial Meeting point, The Art Museum, Arad, 2009

Aegyssus, UNA Gallery, Bucharest, 2009

Body, Art Visual Center, Bucharest, 2009

The International Biennial for Contemporary Art 'Aegyssus', The Art Museum,Tulcea, 2009

Zoon politikon, The Art Gallery, Focșani, 2009

Studio sequence I, CIV, Bucharest, 2009

8ART+, The Art Museum, Galați, 2009

Studio Sequences I, The Center for Visual Art, Bucharest, 2009

8ART+, The Art Museum, Galați, 2009

Bucharest-Budapest Bridge, The Center for Visual Art, Bucharest, 2008

The Fair for Beaux Art, Dalles Gallery, Bucharest, 2008

Drawing 2008, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, 2008

The Art Annual, The Art Gallery, Baia-Mare, 2008

Works from the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, 2008

Șelari 13 Biennial, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, 2007

Meeting point, Arad International Biennial, The Art Museum, Arad, 2007

Sculpture sur prose, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, 2007

8art+, The Art Gallery, Alba Iulia, 2007

Eleven, The Art Museum, Cluj, 2006

8+1, The Art Museum, Constanța, 2006

Sequences 1, Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest, 2006

A.B.C.D.L.R.S.T.T., The Museum of Romanian Literature, 2005

A.B.C.D.D.L.R.S.T.T., The Art Gallery, Bistrita, 2005

Interference Art/Design, Artis Gallery, Bucharest, 2005

Arad International Biennial, Arad, 2005

Group Exhibition,The Art Gallery, Hunedoara, 2005

In the mirror of las Meninas, The National Museum of Art, Cluj, 2004

Visiting Velasquez, Artexpo, The Floor Gallery, Bucharest , 2003

« 4+4 », The Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, 2003

Group Exhibition, Assemblage Gallery, Bucharest, 2003

Art Shop, Sofitel, Bucharest, 2003

Preview, ArtExpo, The Floor Gallery, Bucharest, 2003

Totem, The Art Gallery, Târgu-Mures, 2003

Art Shop, Sofitel, Bucharest, 2003

Confluences, The Art Gallery, Constanta, 2002

Art beats Art, META Gallery, Bucharest, 2001

The National Art Salon, Romexpo, Bucharest, 2001

Monads, The Art Gallery, Râmnicu Vâlcea, 1999

Home, Alba Gallery, Târgoviște, 1999

Group Exhibition, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, 1998

Tribute to IB, Dalles Gallery, Bucharest, 1998

The House, The Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, 1998

Group Exhibition, Dalles Gallery, Bucharest, 1997

Group Exhibition, Constantin Brâncusi Gallery, The Parliament Palace, Bucharest, 1997

Definitii Paralele, Romanian National Bank Gallery, Bucharest, 1997

Object, Alba Gallery, Târgoviște, 1997

Spacial Art, World Trade Plaza, Sofitel, Bucharest, 1997

Rithms, Galla Gallery, Bucharest, 1997

The Experiment, The Floor Gallery, Bucharest, 1997

The Experiment , The National Museum of Art, Cluj Napoca, 1997

Group Exhibition, Galla/Appolo, Art Expo, World Trade Centre, Goethe Institute, 1996

The Cruelty Memory , Apollo Gallery, Bucharest,1996

Romanian Artists, The Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, 1996

Group Exhibition, The National Museum of Art in Cluj Napoca, 1996

Codex, Mogoșoaia Cultural Center, 1995

Artists Books, German - Romanian Exhibition, Art Expo, Bucharest, 1995

Group Exhibition, Art Expo/Galla, Bucharest, 1995

Group Exhibition, Mogoșoaia Cultural Center, 1995

Liberty as a Structure, Galla Gallery, Bucharest,1994

Romanian Contemporary Art, The National Art Museum, Art Expo, Bucharest, 1994

Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, France-Romania, The 3/4 Floor Gallery, Bucharest, 1993

Mobil Fotografia, Oradea, 1989

The Youth Exhibition, Baia Mare, 1989

Engraving Exhibition , Cluj Napoca, 1989

Drawing Exhibition, Arad, 1988

Group Exhibition, The Art Gallery, Constanța, 1986

Group Exhibition, The Art Gallery, Tulcea

Group Exhibition, The Municipal Art Gallery of Bucharest, 1986


The Award for Visual Art from the Ministry for Culture and Cults, 8ART +, 2007

The Award for Painting given by UAPR, 8ART+, 2006

The Award for Excellency given by UAPR, 2006

The Cultural Merit as officer category C, decree nr. 35/7-02-2004 given by the president of Romaniei, 2004

The Award for Youth, UAP, Romania, 1990

The Award for Youth in Painting, UAP, Romania, 1987

Honor at The International Festival 'Sinaide Ghi', Rome, Italy,1986

UAP Scholarship, România, 1985

Ion Andreescu Scholarship, I.A.P. N. Grigorescu, Bucharest, Romania, 1981-1982

Award 'Sîrghie' Foundation of the University of Bucharest, Romania, 1982

Award at the Art Festival for Students, Bucharest, Romania, 1979


Ferdinand Boulevard nr.24, sector 2,

Bucharest 70313


Str. Emil Pangratti, 29 A, Bucharest

Tel: +40 21 253 04 61

Mobil: 0723 648 623

mail: petru_lucaci @